New Build & Refit

For over 30 years, our production has focused on the nautical sector of superyachts, built in the most prestigious shipyards both in Italy and abroad.

New Build

The design of the internal and external spaces of the yachts under construction is a complex, long process, which sees a variety of subjects called to make the settings unique, special, safe. Very high standards for a demanding, refined clientele, eager to surround themselves with beauty.

All these elements naturally take on a particular character when referring to boats, and lighting is in effect a strategic element for the completeness of a project, a real design element.

For this reason, our role in new construction projects is both that of suppliers, with all our production that can be customized according to the choices of the designer and owner, and that of technical consultants able to guide the choices in the best possible way, thanks to a close collaboration with shipyards and lighting designers.

From the design, we would dare to say from the imagined ambiance, we work together in a team with international professionals to realize the ideas and create the required suggestions.

Thanks to our internal technical office and production department, this process takes place quickly, with the possibility of creating samples and evaluating the best choice by optimizing all the factors involved.

The long experience with the Italian and Northern European shipyards that build most of the boats over 60 meters, leads us to constantly invest in research, development and technologies, in order to meet technical needs and create innovation in synergy with shipyards, designers, installers.


Each boat requires constant maintenance activities, with various levels of intervention, both in qualitative terms and in quantitative terms linked to costs and timing, in a process of planning and optimizing the activities for which we collaborate directly with the client.

The REFIT of a superyacht is an operation that can take on various facets, based on the type of activity required, the nature of the interventions and the available budget.
From the point of view of the interior and exterior design of the boat, there is often the need for both a technological and stylistic adaptation of the lighting system, and therefore a coordinated and synergistic renewal process is necessary with respect to the other operations of refit started.

In this context, our ability to customize the solutions that can be adopted, to create elements that perfectly match the available spaces, as well as obviously contributing to the beauty and style of the spaces on board, assumes particular importance.

Each project has its own characteristics, objectives that must be shared by the owner, designer, shipyard and supplier. In case of refit these elements naturally include a set of factors and technical conditions related to the structure from which one starts.
Being able to take advantage of every technical and creative element in order to illuminate the boat in its new guise is the commitment we make with clients and that we have made on a great variety of projects.