Our Modus Operandi


  • Full in-house technical design, project customization, manufacture of interior and exterior luminaire
  • Top technologies for our machinery and in-house production – machinery park
  • In-house photometric testing with our own protractor LIGHTSPION
  • Full catalogue collection items data sheets available, including photometric data, technical specifications and IES files
  • IP rating testing
  • Customization of cables for light fittings and a vast array of plugs and sockets upon request
  • Light fittings built, packaged with a detailed packing list, and shipped according to customer requirements on project


  • Light fittings perfectly matching with a wide range of LEDs from leading producers such as Citizen, Cree, Xicato, Lumileds, etc, according to lighting designers’ preferences
  • Measurement of photometric and spectrometric data of the assembled final product (LED, optics, any filters)
  • Colour temperature consistency for our entire range of LED light fittings
  • Commitment for the design and production of high-end quality, bespoke, impressive interior and exterior light fittings for any size project
  • Superior visual comfort designed into all of our light fittings
  • A multitude of spring options, first fix housings/sleeves, twist-and-lock mechanisms including removal tools and Anti-vibration dampening features available throughout our range
  • Custom fixing methods according to shipyard requests


  • Our collection includes a series of exterior fittings suitable for most of domotic systems as well as mobile devices charging stations and light fittings in general.
  • Current best technology supplied at the time of order
  • Night vision is provided by our range of white to red LED lights integrated into the light fitting on request, keeping the aesthetic balance of the luminaires consistent with the whole yacht scheme
  • Tailor made mounting method according to shipyards specifications
  • Products library, with a counter sample for any standard and custom made item
  • Custom projects: we store pieces of LED and components for an extra 10% availability in case of future needs, and the prototype and the final customized fitting approved
  • Single component and product testing


  • All parameters are fully overviewed, mechanical aspects and lighting techniques are optimized in order to give a result of excellence
  • Materials provenience: We control the quality of components we buy in order to produce our light fittings, selecting only CE certified items. Aluminium, stainless steel, LED, cables, light diffusers and all the other features are carefully selected among qualified producers and certified under current regulations
  • Hands assembling: Every component is assembled by hands, assuring the perfect alignment of the mechanism and LED quality control
  • Labelling: Each item is labelled with a detailed information on the items itself, allowing tracing and maintenance through the years


  • Quick in-house prototyping
  • LED junction temperature test of the finished product heatsink and assembled with thermocouple thermometer
  • Special RAL paint finishes and custom paint finish matching
  • Special plated finishes and custom plated finish matching, developed in synergy with designers requirements and suggestions
  • Extended warranties available
  • Maintenance solutions constantly available, also providing custom made sparesIn order to meet customer expectations for both standard projects and customized solutions, we recommend to provide information and technical details of projects.