Machinery Park

The detail that generates perfection is created thanks to the design skills of our technical department, the hands of our expert workers and the precision of the machinery we are equipped with. The technologically advanced machinery that we have allows us to create tailor-made items of the highest quality

Our machinery park consists of these main elements:

2 CNC lathes MORI SEIKI 2500NL spindle and counter spindle for machining on 3 axes

1 MORI SEIKI NT1000SZM CNC lathe for 5-axis simultaneous machining of complex parts

2 AgieCharmilles 3-axis CNC router bits for less complex machining

1 AgieCharmilles 5-axis CNC milling machine for more complex machining

1 Cut LITE fiber laser cutting machine

3 Hydraulic presses

2 eccentric presses

1 OMEGA trimming machine

1 slice

1 Automatic pipe cutter

Cleaning department

Painting and assembly department

Palagi - Parco Macchine