About Us

A continuous evolution

It is in the essence of things. Evolution, transformation, evolution.

Light is part of all these processes in a natural way. We look, we perceive, we transform images into thoughts, based on light and its infinite nuances, we generate new ideas, thoughts, feelings.

A seemingly abstract concept, which actually pervades every single human activity. And when it comes to creating emotions and suggestions with light, defining spaces and design elements, our thinking is transformed into projects and tools for lighting.

The sea, together with the light, is our passion. From Viareggio, on the Tuscan coast, we learned about the arts of shipwrights, shipyards with large infrastructures that have brought Italian excellence in the construction and refit of superyachts all over the world. Reality with which we have over thirty years collaborations, experiences that have given us the strength and the ability to face foreign markets, and conquer the trust of shipyards, designers and lighting designers with our design, creative, manufacturing ability.
We are proud to move forward, investing in the most advanced technologies, in the creativity of young people, always bench marking with international partners.

To keep evolving.

Alessandro Palagi

“If I look back in time, I see myself as a boy working on the machines in our workshop. Handling steel, setting up machinery, assisting in the assembly of lighting fixtures.

I remember the operations we carried out in the workshop, a daily ritual that contributed to making the lighting fixtures branded PALAGI unique.
Years that have helped me to know all the production phases, all the technical mechanisms for implementation on board, the secrets of light and its extraordinary effect on the interiors and exteriors of boats.

Today I can thank my father who allowed me to have this experience, for having then left me the reins of the company and the responsibility of bringing it to the world where technological innovation runs faster than ever.”

        Alessandro Palagi

Our Story

  1. 1956

    Ugo Palagi starts Palagi company with his wife

  2. 1972

    Andrea Palagi joins his parents’ company team

  3. 1978

    First halogen spotlights

  4. 1980

    The company enters yachting industry

  5. 1995

    Alessandro Palagi, Andrea’s son, enters the company

  6. 2008

    First introduction of High Power LED technology

  7. 2013

    Alessandro Palagi starts managing the company, with the new brand name Palagi Marine Lights

Our Team


Lisa Lencioni

International sales manager

Vincenzo Puosi

Sales manager Italy

Lorenzo Pacini

Technical Dept, Engineer

Our back office&administration

Our mechanical workshop